Michael Reisch

Michael Reisch: working-process 17/


In a camera-less process, Michael Reisch first generates black and white lines and curves from within a chosen computer software programme. Optical illusions occur so that images become recognisable as things – with a layered, stratified or folded character, for example. These generated „entities“ (which in the true sense are illusions) are then “materialized“ - i.e. recreated using computer-aided design (CAD) programs and 3D-printed as „real objects“. Finally they are photographed in the photo studio. Reisch takes photographs of „motifs“ that in some way do exist - since they are 3D-printed and exist in material form - and that in turn “do not exist“ - since they are based on optical illusion and have no starting point in the „real world“. In doing so, he reverses the conventional direction of „photography“, which normally passes from existing facts to information and data (photos). In Reisch‘s works, immaterial data and algorithms are generated to factual and thus „photographable“ objects and again „transformed“ into data (photos) and images, whereby amongst others questions about the relationship reality-virtuality, presence-absence are posed.



Press-release exhibition "Photon | Icon", 2019